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Meridian Street Foundation Events

The Meridian Street Foundation sponsors events for neighbors and the public throughout the year.  Most of these events require payment and/or reservations, both of which can be made on this page.  To enjoy pictures of past events, click here.

2018 MSF Annual Meeting

2021 Annual Meeting

Please join us for the 2021 MSF Annual Meeting. We’ve lined up a robust platform of speakers that will be sharing their wisdom in various areas.

Andrew Mertz, Certified Master Arborist and Tree Risk Assessment
John Barth, Councillor, District 7 (Public Safety Overview)
Meg Storrow, Certified Planner with Storrow Kinsella Associates (Alice Carter Place Updates)

Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Time:  6:30pm

Location:  The Meridian Restaurant located (5694 N. Meridian)

MSF Meeting

MSF Monthly Meetings

2nd Tuesday of the Month
7:00 pm

Meridian Street United Methodist Church
5500 N. Meridian Street
Church Library (on the lower level)

Free and open to the public.

Foundation members encouraged to attend.  No reservations necessary.

MSF members with Mrs. Holcomb

Meeting with Indiana’s First Lady

Meridian Street Foundation board members (from left to right) Nicole Chase, Allie Madden, Peggy Sabens, and Tom Shortridge met with Indiana First Lady, Janet Holcomb (middle) at the Governor’s Residence.  The Governor and Mrs. Holcomb will be moving into the Residence, which lies within the MSF district, after some much-needed repairs are completed.